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PVC AttendeesDo You Have an Innovative Product, Business Opportunity, or Niche?

Your company represents a growth opportunity because you have a unique value proposition that separates you from the herd. We understand that your company therefore requires a different level of expertise and skills to succeed than most small businesses. Let us help you fill in the gaps needed to complete your organizational picture.

Beginning in 1987 as one of the first venture capital clubs in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Pacific Venture Club has facilitated and advised hundreds of entrepreneurs, start-ups, and growth companies. Our present mission is to provide expertise in areas that entrepreneurs and growth companies need that is often not readily available from other sources: Financial Management; Alliances and Partnerships; Growth Management; Infrastructure Development; Capitalization,  and Executive Team Management.



New! Affinity Group Investment Campaigns

The Problem:  The vast majority of entrepreneurs remain disappointed and unfunded when placing their projects in front of professional investors.  Most professional angel and venture capital investors review hundreds of deals before they invest in even one project. This puts entrepreneurs at a severe disadvantage when presenting to angel groups or venture capitalists.

In truth, the most likely investor for your project is somebody who already has a natural inclination to support deals such as yours. Whether your your project is technology-based, environmental, a consumer product, or something else, you need investors who belong to the kinds of Affinity Groups that naturally support your project.  The challenge is how to locate these individuals efficiently while conforming to state and federal securities laws that regulate investment campaigns.

The Solution: The Pacific Venture Club has been assisting Affinity Group investment campaigns for over twenty years. Each campaign is built around the unique points of interest that will naturally appeal to specific investors from all walks of life, from real estate and construction professionals to medical investors, consumer product specialists, technology investors, and much more. Using Affinity Groups, you may have the best chance of success at locating investors for your entrepreneurial venture.

The Pacific Venture Club has partnered with Social Marketing, Media, and Online Advertising professionals to bring the best of their capabilities to your Affinity Group Investment Campaign. For a free consultation on your project, call 415-878-3802 or contact Robert Coleman at