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Our ServicesSince 1987 the Pacific Venture Club has been a resource for entrepreneurs, startup companies and innovative business ventures in virtually all industries. We have reviewed thousands of projects, held investor and venture capital conferences, conducted countless meetings, and negotiated strategic alliances and partnerships of nearly every variety imaginable.

In short, we’ve been around the block a time or two.

We are here to help you with the unique problems that entrepreneurs face when launching and sustaining a business venture: business planning, raising capital, management and staffing, product, market, and financial analysis, forming partnerships, getting customers, the list goes on and on.


Product Development and Review:
Financial, marketing, corporate culture, and opportunity reviews of product and services offerings.
Benefits: Ensure that your innovative product ideas will be successful and financially lucrative.

Business Partnerships and Alliances:
Form alliances and partnerships with key allies for the purposes of product development, capitalization, market expansion, distribution, and acquisition purposes.
Benefits: Partners are almost mandatory to succeed in today’s global environment. Smaller companies in particular benefit from riding on the success of larger partners.

Financial Analysis:
Develop interactive and realistic financial projections for your business model. Evaluate financial options and determine the best utilization of available resources.
Benefits: Improper financial analysis can be catastrophic for a young company or a growth company where resources are tight. Ensure that your firm can get where it needs to go with the resources that are available.

Securities, Stock, and Options Planning:
Develop stock and options plans for corporate capitalization and team incentives.
Benefits: Get the right stock plan in place to encourage investment in your firm while also limiting overhead and internal costs.

Investment and Capital Planning/Raising
Use diverse options such as Private Offerings, Public Offerings, Crowdfunding, Organic (sales) Growth, Borrowing, Acquisitions, and Alliances to fund your company.
Benefits: Capital is one of the hardest assets to acquire for a startup or growth company. Explore the right options for your firm and acquire the capital you need.

Management Team Augmentation:
Expand your management team with our part-time services for strategic planning, financial management, business development, negotiations, capital-raising, and more.
Benefits: Have daily access to experienced and professional management at a nominal cost. Present well to outside investors and partners.

We treat every project uniquely, identifying the opportunities and stumbling points specific to that venture. Contact us for a no-cost consultation regarding your business venture.

Email: info@pacificventureclub.com
or Phone: (415) 878-3802